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09 September 2009 @ 09:09 am

25 December 2008 @ 09:20 am

Hey all we've exceeded the amount of pictures that can be uploaded in just 7 months LOL,

so we've moved to:


The latest christmas post is up already so go check it out! =] Oh and our LJ friends, rmb to add us at this new acc!

Have also finished uploading all the pics from America+Hk, on wenxint.livejournal.com, lotsa christmas trees!

Won't be posting here anymore so unless you wanna do some reminiscing and look at all the past candids, go to goof-balls !

24 December 2008 @ 02:11 am


i cant post any photos. No more space on LJ account hard disk! GOSH. damnnit. too bad our photos take too much megabytes

check pamela's blog for all the pics though! she will blog it up soon=]

thats wad happens if yall follow the dresscode so
damn yea ure better do so in future too HEH



hanyin is trying to gather donations for SPCA's christmas wishlist! 
she will be going to SPCA tmr

from her blog :

Anyway, SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has come up with a Christmas wishlist for the animals there and they're appealing to everyone to help a little during the Christmas season!

It's Christmas for the animals there too, you know.

I mean, imagine if you were to celebrate Christmas tomorrow and somewhere out there, SPCA is trying to gather as much food as they can for these animals while you're enjoying yourself eating, drinking and laughing.

So spread the love for tis the season to be jolly!

Okay, here's the wishlist SPCA has come up for the little buddies there!

I'm afraid it's not really clear here.

Anyway, I'm appealing to everyone out there to donate a little of the money you put away for Christmas 'cause your help will go a long, long way and I'll be really thankful too!

Okay, I'll be going down to SPCA tomorrow to donate some cash, get some gifts there and go visit the animals! So if any of you is willing to donate some, you can always pass your donation to me! I'll be free the whole of today and tomorrow morning before I go there.

I'm extremely willing to meet anyone up in the East (mrt stations etc) or go to your house to collect the cash, provided you don't like donate $5 and ask me to go Woodlands to get it. (Yes I know Joy of Giving, it's the thought that counts lah but by the time I get to Woodlands and everywhere else, I'll have spent $10)

Any amount is perfectly fine (like if yall can come together and pool cash if each donation is like 5 bucks) and if you wish to have a receipt for your donation (so to make sure I don't embezzle the funds or something), do tell me!

Alternatively, you can go to SPCA's website at
http://www.spca.org.sg/ to donate online (but minimum donation is $20) or you can write a check!

Take a look at the gift area too!

Tell your family and friends about this please!

Merry Christmas!

wenxin n i will make a new LJ account soon! no choice, cya!

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22 December 2008 @ 07:03 pm

Ok posted all the foodie pictures from America over at my other livejournal -


Lol still don't know why I can't post pics but Mich can. Maybe should try uploading using bro's com next time


Anyway went to watch the Singapore Vs Vietnam soccer match yesterday! Along with 55000 plus people lol. The Vietnam fans were really united too. But damn, Singapore lost despite having many attempts at the goal. =[ Oh well they did play well though

Gotta go prepare the presents and stuffs for tomorrow's party, can't wait! =]

21 December 2008 @ 03:44 pm

just testing!

i can upload pictures wenxin

things to bring for the party:

1. xmas tree+deco
2. beer
3. spag
4. xmas hats
6. nail polish and removal
7. bacardi
8. mini xmas tree
9. xmas exchange present
10. wenxins present and keychain from yimei
11. chewing gum for val
12. marker
13. sis's camera
14. ice

am i missing anything?
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20 December 2008 @ 09:57 pm


"Not enough disk space remaining on your account for these pictures."

I can't seem to upload any pictures! Livejournal has limits on the number of pictures for an account!? If no one addresses the question I posted on the help forum what am i supposed to do!?


Anyway went over to Qianhui's house today with Mich, and we were testing out all the christmas-sy nail polishes and stinking up the house lol. We wanted to give you guys a surprise by record some christmas songs on our own and secretly mixing it into the actual list of christmas songs but too bad it didn't work out due to technical problems haha. So you can't hear our horrible singing anymore!

Oh and I just got a new phone! Just in time too, my "back" and some other buttons were malfunction and so was the memory stick. Got the Samsung F480 in the end, so goodbye Sony Ericsson! Having a little trouble adapting and I think I've accidentally called a few people. oops.

Gonna go witness cousin's baptism tmr, and watching the Singaore Vs Vietname soccer match live! Have you noticed that they've stopped saying that "it's going to be the last match held at the national stadium!" ? Lol

19 December 2008 @ 07:24 pm


Went to Innova Junior College for vball friendly match today, it was uh. Nervewracking, for me that is lol. Wish I wouldn't just zone out when I'm stressed everytime haha. Makes me super retarded really

Oh and went to Vivo with Seewei to get presents for the Christmas parties! There were sales everywhere too but they're pretty lousy. it's either all the good stuff have been snapped up or the shops are just scrooges giving pathetic offers =[

BUT I spotted something I reeeeally like haha, a Stella McCartney haversack in champagne pink/light violet. It would make an awesome schoolbag BUT it's $220, parents will just slaughter me =[

So, shopping in Singapore sucks.

Not that usa or hongkong was any better actually, but more on that when I finish uploading the pics lol. Less than halfway through

Oh and it's great to see everyone haha, Kelly, Seewei all the vballers, you, and tmr I'll see Mich and Qianhui! =]